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Zakynthos | Greece | 7-9 August 2020
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What could possibly be more lucrative than a beautiful beach on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea, its stunning sunsets, fabulous cuisine, thousands of ravers from all around Europe – and all around the world, electronic music stars and DJs you dreamt of.

Doesn't happen at one place? Wrong! We've got you covered!
The short answer is: GEM Fest, Zakynthos, Greece, August 7-9. Want to jump in? Read on
GEM Fest was conceived as a multiplatform, international festival – a vivid event in cultural and social life. An outstanding team of professionals from various countries turned the dream into reality. Love for music, dance and life became our primary communication tool. And we go on – GEM Fest has yet to become the greatest event in the world of electronic music. Our partners, sponsors, and of course you – the guests and participants of our festival are the ones that will make it happen.

Whenever you come to Zakynthos, you'll be met with great music, fiery dance, crazy fun and of course – complete freedom to express yourself. Pack up, and don't forget to bring along your swimwear, sunscreen, sunglasses, comfortable footwear and positive vibes.

| Andrea Ferlin | Anushka | ATB | Chevy | Cobert (Live) | dOP (Live) | E Forever E Xpanding: Hearshape the Artist + Siena Star + Qado
Efim Kerbut | George Guren | George Seragos | GusGus 25 + Friends | K.Atou | Mohammadreza Safari | Mr. Roussos | Onur Ozer | Pal Van Dyk | Rompasso | Swanky tunes | Tolis Q

and many more!
*in alphabetical order
You can stay as long as you want! Take a look what we are preparing for you!
Still have questions? Here is more information about our 2020 edition:
When will GEM FEST 2020 open and close?
The doors of GEM FEST 2020 will open at 11:00 am on August 7, with the opening ceremony at 23:00. The festival will end on the morning of August 10th.
Is the festival 24 hours or will there be "breaks"?
GEM FEST 2020 will be open 24 hours a day.
What kind of ticket do I need to get to the festival?
1. Multipass - Allows you to enter and exit the festival area without restriction at any time, attend any event at any stage, participate in any sport or entertainment activity. Multipass is personal and may only be used by its owner.

2. Full House pass - Gives you the same rights as Multipass as you have a scene in GEM CITY.

3. Single Entry Pass - The single bracelet will be on the door only from the morning of August 7th, its price will be 90 euros, the holder will be able to enter the festival area only once and will not be able to return after departure.

4. VIP pass -Specially distributed entrance and exit to the festival area

Right to enter special VIP areas

Free drink in the VIP bar

VIP boat rides

At the end of the festival party on a VIP boat.

5. Boarding pass is a pass involving a flight from your skull to Zakynthos and back. Two person tent and festival multipass.

6. Eternal pass is an eternal multipass that lasts forever. It is nominal and can not be transferred to another person in life, it is passed on to offspring and it is also possible to leave it to anyone. Eternal pass holders attend all GEM FEST and any events organized by our team free of charge.

Will there be Wi Fi throughout the festival area?
There will be wi fi throughout the festival area.
What is forbidden at the festival?
Sharp objects such as knives, scissors, eyeglasses and the like are not permitted to enter the area.
Is there an age limit for the festival?
Only adults can freely enter the festival grounds (+18)
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